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Why Sell Your Home to As Is Now

Despite popular belief, selling your home doesn’t have to take forever: nor does it have to represent a financial nightmare.

Rather than subject yourself to a tedious sales process and a whole bunch of red tape, sometimes it’s best to act now and sell your home as it is. After all, the “perfect” moment is a myth for most sellers: from the volatile housing market to your personal life, the “ideal” time to sell rarely exists.

On the flip side, selling your home sooner rather than later may make perfect sense depending on your circumstances. Oftentimes it’s a win-win situation for sellers looking to cut their losses and buyers desperate for a deal. Besides, urgency is always a solid selling point and can help you find relief from your current housing headache.

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If you’re still pensive about selling your home in its current condition, consider some of the following scenarios which justify speedy sales versus putting your home on the traditional market.

You’re Behind on Payments

Whether you’re drowning in debt or know that you’re about to be in over your head with house payments, a quick sale can provide immediate relief. By absolving yourself of potential debts today, you can find the funds to start renting elsewhere or spot something new that’s within your budget. Either way, you avoid going underwater and still get the most out of your home.

Massive Repairs are Pending

If you’re a native Floridian, you understand that unpredictable repairs come with the territory. From flooding and water damage to roofing disasters, such repairs often become much more trouble than they’re worth.

Think that it’s impossible to sell a fixer-upper? Think again.

Especially in the case of repairs that have gone neglected, sometimes its best to let the burden fall on someone else who’s willing to eat the cost of fixing up your home. There are plenty of flippers and DIY’ers who are hungry to find such houses and turn them into their own personal projects.

You’re Handling Inherited Property

Inheriting property often represents a sticky situation if you’re happy in your current home but aren’t interested in playing the role of landlord. Rather than feeling forced to rent out or fix up your inherited home, why not sell to someone who will do so? Again, selling immediately can absolve you of needless upkeep and financial burdens you didn’t ask for.

Dealing with Divorce

Splitting up isn’t easy for anyone; meanwhile, it can be emotionally draining for unhappy couples to stick around the same household for long. While you’re going to most definitely want to speak to a lawyer to determine the division of your assets, including your mortgage, in most divorce cases it makes sense to start moving on selling your home as quickly as possible.

Trouble with the Traditional Housing Market

Selling your home is rarely a simple process, especially on the traditional market. If you’ve been trying to sell your home for a matter of months and haven’t gotten any bites, perhaps it’s time to consider selling as-is. If nothing else, such a sale can ensure that your home gets some attention from potential buyers and at least gives you options to getting the best ROI possible.

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If you’re interested in selling your home as-is or have any questions about the process, feel free to contact us today.

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