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Phyllis Seifert


Marsha Sumner (Orlando,FL)

“I called 800-ASIS-NOW because I really needed to sell my house. It needed renovations and the process to fix everything was taking too long. AS IS NOW was the only company who made me a fair offer and it was a very short process. My Associate Danny was prompt, honest and professional. I would absolutely recommend AS IS NOW”

Phyllis Seifert

“I felt like a prayer was answered when I saw the AS IS NOW sign to sell my house without any repairs now. I would recommend AS IS NOW to anyone. It is clean, upfront and direct operation. I have had friends who have lost their house and if they would have called AS IS NOW, they would have been able to help them”

Charles E Scott (Nashville, TN)

“Health wise I couldn’t take care of my house anymore. I called AS IS NOW and I got an offer on the first day. It was the best and highest offer I had. I would recommend AS IS NOW to anyone who would need to sell their house”

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